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When she returns for his funeral, she learns that as her father was deep in debt and all his assets are being sold. She is shocked when, as the debt collectors round up his slaves for auction, she is told that she too will be on the auction block. She was never told that her mother, long deceased, was an African American slave. She is immediately put on a boat for New Orleans to be part of a slave auction. At first, she is very unhappy and disagreeable towards Hamish, but soon she grows great affection for him.

She turns down his his offer for her to be sent to Cincinnati to be free and joins him instead on his plantation in southern Louisiana. I used to think it was. I used to think it would open the door to friendship and other essentials more important than power.

I used to believe it was everything. A drug for loneliness, a painkiller for certain memories—a whole apothecary shop for every problem of life. The exteriors were shot on location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Clark and Kay traveled there together and stayed for six weeks. During the location shoot, Clark celebrated his 56th birthday.

Kay threw a surprise party for him at the Baton Rouge Country Club. Max Steiner composed the score.

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The film was a complete flop and was critically panned. This was in and he was acting in Band of Angles in Baton Rouge. The entire restaurant rose and applauded. What charisma!

I had seen dozens of celebrities eating there but none like him. Your email address will not be published. Your email:. Ethan Sears. Rex Reason as Seth Parton. Patric Knowles as Charles de Marigny. Torin Thatcher as Capt. Andrea King as Miss Idell. Ray Teal as Mr. Russell Evans as Jimmee. Carolle Drake as Michele.

We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by...

Raymond Bailey as Stuart. Tommie Moore as Dollie. William Forrest as Aaron Starr. Noreen Corcoran as Young Manty Starr. Jack Williams as Runaway Slave. Zelda Cleaver as Sukie. Juanita Moore as Budge. Joe Narcisse as Shad. Marshall Bradford as Gen. Charles Heard as Helper. Roy Barcroft as Gillespie the Overseer. Curtis Hamilton as Jacob the Coachman. Riza Royce as Mrs. Jim Hayward as Sheriff. Larry J. Blake as Town Crier. Guy Wilkerson as Minister. Bob Steele as Union Private. Mayo Loizeau as Girl. June-Ellen Anthony as Girl. Carla Merey as Girl.

Dan White as Trader. Jean Harvey as Mourner. Alfred Meissner as Mourner.

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William Fawcett as Mourner. Ewing Mitchell as Old Gentleman. Morgan Shaan as Corporal. Paul McGuire as Officer.

Martin Smith as Officer. Milas Clark. Ann Doran as Mrs. Miles Clark as Child. Walter Smith as Soldier. Charles Horvath as Soldier.

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William Schallert as Union Lieutenant. Ann Staunton as Mother. Robyn Faire as Little Girl. Carl Harbaugh as Seaman. Anthony Ghazlo as Driver. Russ Evans as Jimmee. May 6, Rating: C Full Review…. Apr 23, Full Review…. Jan 2, Rating: B- Full Review…. Jul 17, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews 5. Dec 11, Clarke Gable Movies such as this show me how Paradoxic Love is. Wahida K Super Reviewer.

Oct 16, The master bought you Sidney Poitier is outstanding as the freedom-yearning slave who Bond has raised a son.